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Medical Provider Frequently Asked Questions




What is Medical Answering Services, LLC?

A:            Medical Answering Services, LLC or MAS, is the Transportation Management Company NYSDOH has selected to manage Medicaid transportation in 55 counties in New York State.  Information on the counties we serve can be viewed on our website at, click on Counties Served.  The counties serviced are all the NYS counties north of NYC.


Q:           How do I schedule transportation for Medicaid enrollees?

A:            All Medicaid trips must be prior authorized by Medical Answering Services, LLC.

There are 3 different ways transportation can be scheduled.

·         Call the MAS toll free number for your county

·         Fax your transportation request to 315-299-2786 or 315-299-2723

o   forms can be found on our website under MAS Contacts and Forms

·         Use our online ordering system.  Contact your Field Liaison for more information.


Q:           How does Medical Answering Services, LLC assign trips?

A:            All Medicaid trips must be prior authorized by Medical Answering Services, LLC.  MAS assigns trips in the following order based on the lowest cost, but most medically appropriate transport level, per NYSDOH Medicaid policy:

·         enrollee’s freedom of choice

·         medical provider’s freedom of choice

·         rotation (only 3% of all trips assigned by MAS are assigned by rotation)


Q:           How do I know what transportation level to use when setting up an appointment?

A:            The appropriate level of transport is selected based on the enrollee’s abilities as described by a Physician for any trip Wheelchair and above. For a trip set up for wheelchair and above we will need a Verification of Abilities form. For a list of transportation levels and their description click on “Medicaid Transportation” on the main page and then select “Modes of Transportation”.



Q:           What is a “Verification of Abilities” form?

A:            The verification of abilities form is required to be on file for individuals requesting transportation wheelchair and above. This form requires a physician to describe why this level of transportation is needed as well as their signature.  All forms are saved on the enrollee’s profile.  Forms can be found on our website under MAS Contacts and Forms.  We can also send a form to the enrollee’s physician electronically.  You will be notified when you schedule transportation if a Verification Form is needed or needs to be renewed


Q:           What is an “Out of County” form?

A:            An Out of County form requires a physician to describe and sign as to why the enrollee cannot receive the treatment or services locally, thus needing to travel outside of the Common Medical Marketing area to receive those services.


Q:           When in an Out of County Form needed?

A:            If transportation is being requested for services outside the Common Medical Marketing Area you are required to have an Out of County form.   The CSR will notify you at the time transportation is scheduled if an Out of County Form is needed.  The Out of County form is then saved on file under the enrollee’s homepage.


Q:           What are Standing Orders?

A:            Standing orders are the term we use to describe trips that are set up for extended period of time; for example, an enrollee needing dialysis treatment every MWF for several months.


Q:           How long are Standing Orders set up for?

A:            Standing orders can be set up by the Medical Provider from January 1st – June 30th and July 1st – December 31st.

                Standing orders need to be renewed prior to the start of each 6 month period:  January & July.






Q:           How do I document a situation or issue during a trip?

A:            MAS refers to these as “Trip Concerns”.  In order to enter a trip concern, you can call the MAS toll free number and provide the CSR with the appropriate information to document the situation within the system.  The MAS compliance team will look into the concern and work to find a resolution between all parties involved.


Q:           How can I schedule an onsite visit with MAS?

A:            MAS will come to your place of business to train your staff how to use our system. To schedule a site visit, you can contact your county Field Liaison:   Bryan Cohen, Shelly Krogh, Michael McLaurin, or Leslie Regan.  Field Liaison contact information can be found on our website under MAS Contacts and Forms and County Contact Information.


Q:           Does the MAS system track changes and updates to the trip invoices?

A:            Yes, every change and update made in our system is signature stamped and time stamped. If you have questions or concerns about changes and/or any other activity to a trip invoice you can contact the MAS office and request more details from a supervisor.


Q:           What are the hours of operation for MAS?

A:            MAS is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Q:           Does MAS provide transportation?

A:            No, MAS owns no vehicles and provides no transportation services. MAS is contracted with New York State and many counties to provide a call center, assign trips, generate prior authorizations, and perform other tasks related to transportation management.