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Medicaid Enrollee Frequently Asked Questions




Q:           How do I set up transportation for my appointment?

A:            You can set up non-emergency Medicaid transportation via fax, phone, or our web based system. Contact MAS office for more information.



 Q:           How do I know what transportation level to use when setting up an appointment?

A:            The appropriate level of transport is selected based on enrollee’s abilities as described by a Physician for any trip Wheelchair and above.  For any trip set up for wheelchair and above we will need a verification of abilities form. For a list of transportation levels and their description click on “Medicaid Transportation on the main page and then select “Modes of Transportation”.



Q:           What is a “Verification of Abilities form”?

A:            The verification of abilities form is a form that is required for individuals requesting transportation wheelchair and above. This form requires a physician to describe why this level of transportation is needed as well as their signature. Form is then saved on file 



Q:           What is an “Out of County form”?

A:            If transportation is being requested for services outside the Common Medical Marketing Area you are required to have an Out of County form which is a form that asks a physician to describe and sign as to why the services cannot be provided locally.  The form is then saved on file.



Q:           What if I have a car and I’m eligible for Medicaid transportation?

A:            Check with the MAS office to determine if personal vehicle mileage reimbursement is available in your county. If you are eligible for personal vehicle mileage reimbursements you are to still set up your trips through MAS and you will then receive additional information on what is required to get reimbursed for your mileage.



Q:           How do I document a situation or issue during a trip?

A:            You are to utilize the MAS trip concern option. In order to enter a trip concern you can contact the MAS office and provide the call taker with the appropriate information to document the situation within the system.



Q:           Does MAS use a relay system for hearing disabled?

A:            Yes MAS uses a relay system for the hearing disabled.


Q:           How much wait time is expected for will-call pickups?

A:            Will-call pickups can take up to one hour.  However, most will-call pickups are less than 30 minutes.


Q:           What are the hours of operation for MAS?

A:            Monday through Friday, 7am -6pm.  If a Medicaid enrollee needs to set up transportation for an appointment time prior to MAS's next business day please press the Medical Provider number when prompted by the phone message.  We are closed on federal holidays (New Years, Martin Luther King, Jr., President’s, Memorial, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas).



Q:           How are vendors determined for Medicaid Transportation under MAS?

A:            Medical Answering Services assigns trips on the following basis within the appropriate transport level:  1) enrollee’s freedom of choice, 2) medical provider’s freedom of choice, and 3) rotation.  Only three percent of all trips assigned by MAS are assigned by rotation.