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Ordering Essex County Medicaid Transportation


New York State Medicaid Transportation for

Essex County Medicaid Enrollees

Information to assist you when you request transportation for Medicaid covered services.


Who can get Medicaid Transportation?

Medicaid Enrollees that are eligible for Medicaid transportation may get transportation to and from most medical appointments. However not every Medicaid Enrollee is eligible for Medicaid transportation. Contact Medical Answering Services (MAS) to find out if you are eligible for Medicaid transportation.


How do I contact MAS?  

Toll free at 1-866-753-4442


How do I schedule Medicaid Transportation?

You can call MAS to schedule transportation, send a fax or get an online username and password to set up Medicaid transportation for you and your family at


All Medicaid trips should be called in at least three (3) days in advance. All trips using public transportation should be called into MAS five (5) days in advance. If you need to go on a long distance trip, please call MAS seven (7) days in advance. Urgent or last minute trips can be requested, but please understand last minute trips requests are difficult to accommodate, especially in rural areas.


What level of transportation will I get?

Medicaid Enrollees are expected to go to their medical appointments the same way that they travel to other places on a daily basis. We will set up transportation for you based on your abilities and medical needs.


Generally, Medicaid reimburses for personal vehicle mileage, public bus/mass transit, taxi, ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher, non-emergency ambulance, commercial air, bus and rail transportation. 



Scheduling a trip 

To set up a trip, MAS will ask for:

· The traveler’s name, birth date, Medicaid identification number, current telephone number and address;

· the type of medical appointment that is being attended;

· the name of the doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant that you see on a regular basis or the name of the medical provider you are going to see;

· the date and time of your appointment;

· the address or name of the facility where you need to go; and

· any special instructions or additional information necessary to get you to and from your medical appointment.


What forms are required for Medicaid Transportation?

· Verification of Transportation Abilities is required to be on file with MAS for wheelchair, stretcher or ambulance transportation. This is a form your medical provider completes and you or your medical provider returns the form to MAS.

· Out of County Form is a form that is completed when you must travel a further distance for appropriate approved care.


What are my responsibilities to use Medicaid transportation?

· All Medicaid transportation must be scheduled and approved by MAS prior to the trip, as far in advance as possible.

· Be respectful, punctual and prepared for your ride and follow all New York State laws during transportation.

· Have your Medicaid Card with you when going to and from medical appointments.

· If you need to cancel a trip, please contact MAS as soon as possible.

· If you are travelling by private vehicle or public transportation your medical provider must sign forms verifying that you made it to your appointment.

· If MAS authorizes transportation that requires an overnight stay you must submit receipts for hotel stays, meals and other expenses.

Will Medicaid pay for transportation out of town?

MAS will arrange out of town trips when medically necessary. Note that long distance trips may take more time to arrange and need to be scheduled at least one week (7 days) in advance if possible so we have time to make travel arrangements for you.

What rates will I get reimbursed at if I drive myself or need to stay overnight?

MAS reimburses travel expenses using the Federal Government guidelines for travel reimbursement