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Ordering Transportation is Easy

Order Medicaid transportation for your patients by either calling a specific county or borough number, faxing requests to (315) 299-2786 or logging on to MAS’ online transportation management system.

What you’ll need, when ordering through any option:

  • Enrollee’s Medicaid Number
  • Enrollee’s Name
  • Enrollee’s Birth date
  • Enrollee’s Address
  • A contact number for the enrollee
  • Medical reason for transportation
  • Level of transportation required
  • Name of ordering physician and name of physician that will be seen
  • Date and time of the appointment
  • Location of the medical appointment – please specify street address, including suite or department location.
  • If applicable, preferred transportation provider
  • Any other special instructions needed for the trip

Orders can be placed online as well.  Medical practitioners are encouraged to reach out to their field liaisons (found on your specific county or borough page) who can help you set up an account.  Already have an account, check out our Online Ordering Manual for how to use the system.  Log on here.

All trips should be set up at least three (3) days in advance. Trips using public transportation should be set up five (5) days in advance.  Long distance trips should be set up at least seven (7) days in advance. Whenever possible, same day trips (those scheduled within 24 hours of the request) will be accommodated, but MAS cannot guarantee transportation availability on that short notice.

As a medical practitioner, when you call MAS, you can self-identify as such, which directing your call to a queue with MAS’ most experience CSRs. This ensures that the more complex requests are handled correctly and quickly.  MAS has also established a hospital discharge queue, allowing for the most expedient processing of these time sensitive requests.

Our reps can help you set up or more trips and standing orders for your patients.

  • Standing Order Process: Standing orders are set up on a bi-annual basis, set to expire at the end of June and December. Standing orders scheduled at any time between December and May, will expire in June. Those placed June through November, will expire in December.
    Please Note: Standing orders do not auto-renew; rather either the medical practitioner or enrollee will need to renew by June 15, or December 15.
    Standing Order Renewal Policy
  • Transportation Outside of CMA: For any trips outside of the current In these instances, any customer service rep can set up the trip but the enrollee is required to have an NYS DOH 2020 Form Outside Common Medical Area for each location outside of the enrollee’s CMA. A single form may list numerous locations. If the form is not on file, the rep will set up the trip in the system as a “pending trip” and inform the enrollee of the need for the form in order to finalize the trip.

Requesting transportation from nursing homes: Nursing homes regularly set up transportation by calling MAS, online ordering or digital fax; these options provide ease in setting up routine transportation requests. Since many nursing home patients have permanent medical conditions requiring ambulette or higher modes of transportation, MAS can accept “Verification of Transportation Abilities” forms marked ‘permanent’ so that new forms are not required.

Visit Forms and Resources for more helpful information for medical practitioners and facilities.


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