Frequently Asked Questions for Transportation Providers

Does MAS provide transportation?

No. MAS is contracted with New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to provide transportation management services for the NEMT program.

How do I request a fee change for the rate schedule?

MAS does not have an influence on fee changes. Inquiries regarding the rate schedule should be directed to the NYSDOH.

How are vendors assigned to trip requests?

MAS assigns trips in the following order based on the medically appropriate transport level:

  1. Enrollee’s preferred provider
  2. Medical provider’s preferred provider
  3. “Round robin” rotation
Does MAS create the fee schedule?

No. The fee schedule is established by the New York State Department of Health in consultation with your local department of social services. Fee schedule information is posted on the eMedNY site.


How can I schedule an onsite visit with MAS?
MAS will come to your place of business to train your staff on how to use the MAS System. To schedule a site visit, please contact your County Field Liaison.
What are Contact Center Hours?

The MAS Contact Center is open on a 24/7 basis for transportation providers and medical practitioners to assist with urgent transportation needs. Standard business hours are Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm.

How do I request access to the MAS System?

If you are a new Medicaid transportation vendor and need access to the MAS system, please go to the MAS Login page and “Request a User Account.” In addition to requesting an account, please contact the Contact Center to connect with a Field Liaison for training.

Does the MAS system track changes and updates to the trip invoices?

Yes. Every change and update made in the MAS System is signature and time stamped. If you have questions or concerns about changes and/or any other activity on a trip invoice, please call the Contact Center during business hours.

How do I view my trips on the MAS system?
To view trip invoices assigned to your company, you must login to the MAS system and select “View/Edit Trips.” This function will allow you to search for your trips. If you need additional assistance, please contact your County Field Liaison.
My claim came back rejected, is MAS able to assist me?

MAS cannot see your claim and therefore can provide little or no assistance. Please contact Computer Sciences Corporation at (800) 343-9000 to discuss your rejected claim. If necessary, Computer Sciences Corporation staff will involve MAS in correcting the prior authorization associated with the rejected claim.

Six months ago, I performed a trip and forgot to attest to it. Is it too late?

Generally, yes. However, you can print the trip assignment sheet and send it along with a cover letter explaining the circumstances to the New York State Department of Health for a determination. NYSDOH will accept the information by email:, by Fax: (518) 486-2495 or by U.S. Mail at:

Medicaid Transportation Policy Unit, NYSDOH
Office of Health Insurance Programs
Bureau of Administration & Transportation Policy
Division of Financial Planning and Policy
Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, OCP-720
Albany, NY 12237

How do I report suspected cases of Medicaid program fraud or abuse?
MAS provides a secure online form for reporting suspected cases of program fraud or abuse. Report Fraud. Providers can also contact their MAS Field Liaison or call the Contact Center during business hours and request to speak to a supervisor.
How can I communicate a program-related issue or make suggestions?
We encourage providers to communicate directly with the Field Liaison assigned to their service area. If they are not able to assist, you may call the Contact Center and ask to speak to a supervisor or submit a concern online directly to our QA team.
How do I increase my ridership for Medicaid transportation?

MAS assigns calls based on enrollee and then medical provider preference. Therefore, the best way to grow your business is to provide top-level service, so enrollees request your company when scheduling transportation.

Transportation providers can also apply to participate in Preferred Provider Opportunities from their portal in the MAS System.

Can an ambulette be used as a taxi and paid the taxi rate?

Yes. Medicaid pays for taxi service in an appropriately licensed vehicle. This does not mean that a taxi vehicle must be used. (Taxi service is curb-to-curb, ambulette service is door-to-door.)

The LDSS can reimburse the ambulette provider at the taxi amount but cannot use a taxi procedure code. The LDSS will either have to use the unassigned ambulette code or the “ambulette as taxi service” procedure code.

The LDSS receives requests to transport ARC enrollees to medical appointments. Isn’t ARC responsible for transportation?

Day treatment transportation is the responsibility of the ARC day treatment program.

For all other transports, the following applies:

  • If the enrollee resides in an OMRDD-certified intermediate care facility (ICF), a supervised community residence, a supervised and supportive individualized residential alternative; or attends day habilitation, the residence is responsible for all non-ambulance transportation. The LDSS is responsible for ambulance transportation.
  • If the enrollee lives at home, or in a Family Care home, the LDSS is responsible for medical transportation.

Reference: April 2008 Medicaid Update, Responsibility for Transportation Provider Reimbursement.

Does the Medicaid Program require the enrollee’s signature on file when submitting a claim for services rendered?

For ambulance transportation claims, the Medicaid Program does not require the ambulance provider to have the Medicaid enrollee’s signature on file as a precondition of submitting a valid claim to the Program. Some counties have enrolled in a Signature Verification program in which a patient’s signature is obtained when transporting to a Medicaid service, as a condition of authorizing the trip.

Will transportation providers be notified if an enrollee’s eligibility changes?

When a prior authorization is issued, the system checks eligibility on the date authorization is entered. However, transportation providers should check a person’s eligibility prior to each date of service.

Where can I find complete NYS policies for the Medicaid transportation program?

The eMedNY website provides complete policy information in a pdf document. Download here: eMedNY Transportation Provider Manual


Will I be reimbursed if an enrollee is a “no-show”?

A transportation provider cannot be reimbursed if they did not provide a service. No-show enrollees are an unfortunate cost of doing business.