Program Highlights


MAS is dedicated to ensuring NYS Medicaid enrollees have convenient access to non-emergency medical transportation. We believe healthier communities exist when its members have seamless access to healthcare. The program information below introduces the trip request and authorization process.

PhoneIf you require emergency medical services, please call 911 for immediate assistance.

MAS arranges non-emergency medical transportation.

Enrollees who use a private vehicle to travel to covered healthcare services are eligible under the Medicaid program for mileage and expense reimbursement. Enrollees should plan to document mileage and expenses associated with scheduled care.  Additional information and the forms required to ensure reimbursement can be found in the Enrollees section.

Services require prior authorization.

MAS is contracted by the NYS Department of Health to authorize and arrange the most appropriate transportation for enrollees based upon their mobility and medical needs. Scheduling with MAS online or by phone ensures services are approved by the Medicaid program.

Authorized transportation is provided at NO cost.

Transportation that MAS arranges is provided at no cost to enrollees. We do our best to avoid up-front costs to enrollees, and approved expenses are always reimbursed.

MAS accommodates all mobility & medical needs.

We work hard to ensure Medicaid transportation services are accessible to all eligible enrollees. We routinely coordinate with enrollees, their families/advocates and their medical providers to accommodate individual needs.

Medicaid requires enrollees to travel by the most appropriate & cost-effective transportation mode.

The Medicaid program requires enrollees to travel to healthcare appointments via the most medically appropriate and cost-effective level of transportation. Generally, if an enrollee drives or uses public transit in day-to-day life, they will be expected to travel to their medical appointments in the same way.