Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Team

Our Purpose

We believe in creating and maintaining workplace equity by taking action to educate and bring awareness to the importance of diversity and inclusion

Our Mission

To promote initiatives that advance equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout MAS

Our Vision

To provide an equitable and supportive environment for all employees at MAS

Our Values

The EDI Advancement Council strives to acknowledge and celebrate the variety of experiences and culture of our company’s employees

Kayla (She/Her) is one of our Supervisors in the Contact Center who has joined this committee to help inspire and motivate individuals to express themselves through their own social, gender and cultural identities. She hopes to help enhance the workplace culture and spread awareness of diversity and inclusion.

Kayla Cook

Contact Center Supervisor
EDI Co-Chair

Belinda, a contact center supervisor, has the opportunity to work with a diverse workforce. She promotes inclusivity by valuing and appreciating all opinions and decisions. A descendant of Mexican & Puerto Rican background, she takes pride being a part of the EDI committee, continuing to focus on education and health while supporting individuals and communities.

Belinda Gonzalez

Contact Center Supervisor
EDI Co-Chair

Anali started off as a bilingual MTA over two years ago and recently joined the Education Team. She believes in the power of bringing awareness to diversity and inclusion in the workforce through action and education. Being part of this committee, she also focuses on researching organizations and charities doing meaningful work in the communities that MAS serves.

Anali Quesnay

Training Assessment Administrator

With a passion for serving the mental health community, Josh has worked for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings treating co-occurring disorders. In coordination with treatment providers, he increases access to effective care and eliminates barriers to safe and supportive transportation.

Josh Caryl

Mental Health Outreach

Norma became a MAS employee on March of 2020. She is part of the Quality Assurance & Customer Experience team. Prior to coming to MAS Norma worked several years with handicapped and disabled children, and over 15 years in customer service. She joined the EDI Advancement Council in hopes of helping everyone at MAS feel welcomed, included, and seen.

Norma Wallace

Quality Assurance and Customer Experience Administrator

James chose to become part of the EDI Council to help solidify a workforce that values inclusivity of all viewpoints, equity among all levels, and diversity of everyone including the communities we serve. He aims to continue a conversation necessary for the success of everyone. Only by doing so can we learn to grow professionally and personally, and create a workplace that values everyone.

James Hunt

Director, Transportation Provider Relations

Veronica has been at MAS for almost 3 years. She is a mother of 6 adults and a grandmother of 3 and 1 on the way. She loves to cook and spend time outdoors. Veronica is shy but likes helping people which is why she likes working at MAS where she can make an impact on people's lives by setting up transport to appointments for them.

Vernica Wine


A key contributing leader to the ongoing development of relationships with providers in the NYS NEMT program, Chas works with members of the MAS outreach and Executive teams — providing project management, strategic support and guidance for various initiatives. Motivated to make a difference, he cares deeply and believes our communities are healthier and stronger with seamless access to healthcare.

Chas McCarthy

VP, Provider Relations

Dan learned about Dr. King’s non-violence training as a senior in high school. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion were a big part of his life in the sixties. The EDI Council allows him to be an ally to those affected by inequality, providing him continuous learning about these issues and how they are viewed by those who do not have the same white-privilege he has benefited from all his life.

Dan Stein

Director Strategic Technology Partnerships

Cecilia came to MAS as a former retail manager. Began as a CSR and after 1 year was hired into a Recruiter position and began interviewing and hiring CSRs. The role continued to evolve through the last 9 years, taking on many different tasks within the HR field.

Cecilia McDonald

HR Generalist