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All MAS transportation providers agree to uphold our program standards.

Ensuring enrollees have safe access to health care

MAS only assigns rides to respected transportation providers to ensure enrollees have safe access to health care in a joint commitment to the communities it serves.

To ensure this is met, MAS works closely with New York State Department of Health approved non-emergency Medicaid, local transportation providers. To join in, approval must be obtained prior to a transportation provider receiving any requests or conducting any NEMT trips.

How to Become a Transportation Provider


Vehicle Registration and Driver License Information
Important Transportation Provider Profile Information:

Transportation Provider Manual
DOH Transportation Provider Profile Update Letter
Transportation Provider Profile Update FAQ’s

Effective June 26, 2018: All transportation providers (TPs) are required to provide MAS with an updated Transportation Provider Profile (TPP) that indicates where they want to operate, when they want to work, and how many trips they want to accept

Taxi / livery TPs will have their TPPs activated June 26 and will automatically receive trip assignments exclusively within:

  1. The zip codes in which they want to be available for Medicaid trip assignments.
  2. The days of the week and hours of the day they are available for Medicaid trip assignments.
  3. The maximum number of Medicaid trips they want assigned to them in a day.

Accordingly, the MAS system will populate Taxi/livery provider availability based on their profile with no outbound calls except extenuating circumstances.  Taxi / livery TPs will be held to the new reassign standards after a grace period of one month and will then have to call MAS to do trip reassignments.

Ambulette and Ambulance TPs will see no change in how Medicaid trips are currently assigned to them.  For last minute and urgent trips MAS will reach out by phone to confirm availability prior to making the trip available on the MAS system, this is not a change to the current practice.  Ambulette and Ambulance TPs will not have to repeatedly check their portal for same day trip assignments.  While reassigns will continue to be monitored, as they as they currently are, the MAS system will continue to operate as it has in the past.

Please note however, that Ambulette (including Ambulette/Livery) and Ambulance TPs will have the option to ask to take advantage of the new TPP controls in the MAS system starting June 26th.  Ambulette and Ambulance TPs need only contact their MAS Field Liaison to activate their TPP.

All transportation providers should be prepared to meet the following program standards.
Below are the requirements to meet all applicable New York state, county and municipal requirements for legal operation as a Medicaid transportation provider:

  • Ability of providers and drivers to show sensitivity to the population, with diligent care provided to all passengers (ex: passenger delivered to responsible caretaker, not left at curb)
  • Ability to provide timely and courteous service;
  • Rides must be in duration of less than one (1) hour;
  • Rides are conducted in clean, non-smoking vehicles;
  • Appropriately and adequately heated and air-conditioned vehicles (i.e. heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer).
  • Transportation provider agrees to provide adequate vehicle staffing.
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