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MAS Proprietorial Technology

MAS has built proprietorial technology incorporated into our system to help you manage your account, trips driven and handle invoicing and billing.  Please Note: MAS does not process claims (the billing part of your trip, for terminology clarification, invoice is our authorization of the trip prior to the trip), those will be handled by a company called eMedNY/Computer Science Corporation. Below is a brief explanation of the process until that point.

  1. Once you’re registered in MAS, after receiving approval from the DOH, and entered into our system, our county by county staff will work closely with you to train you on the system. Two resources for that are the regional medicaid administrator and field staff specific to you county. List of all counties and boroughs served by MAS.
  2. Trips are assigned, not chosen. There are three ways a trip can be assigned: patient preference, medical community request, or by rotation in our system.
  3. Patient’s eligibility is confirmed by vendor and ride provided.
  4. Within 30 days of providing this service, the transportation provider must go into the MAS system to sign off/attest that the trip was taken.

Errors happen

If a trip is incorrect, or not able to be attested to, it may need a correction on the MAS system. If a trip is incorrect, do not attest, request a correction. Any correction must be requested within 30 days of the service provided. If you request a correction, MAS has an additional 30 days to assess and correct any incorrect trips information. Upon correction, vendor has an additional 30 days to re-sign off and attest to a trip.

  1. Once a trip is successfully attested to, the MAS system will assign, working with DOH, a prior approval within 24 hours to match to your invoice number, prior approval is what is used to file claims. Questions on how to file claims should be directed to eMedNY.
  2. Vendor will have 90 days to bill state, through computer science, to receive payment.

MAS Field Liaison’s work closely in their communities with transportation providers. They will walk through with you to show how trip is assigned. Find your regional liaison on your specific county or borough page.

To learn more about the Transportation Provider program:

Read our FAQ’s

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