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MAS Commitment to Enrollees

Man and woman standing side by side smilingMAS believes that: healthy people make for healthier communities.

We are committed to ensuring eligible enrollees access the best possible care, and work with enrollees to ensure the smoothest route to good health.


When a Medicaid enrollee calls MAS:

  • They will be treated courteously and with respect.
  • They will be authorized the mode of transportation most appropriate for their needs.
  • If they request transportation to a out of county medical service that is available locally,
    within their Common Medical Marketing Area, that request may be denied.

When an enrollee is traveling, MAS commits to provide a professional level of service on all the transportation it manages. This includes a vendor being respectful and punctual for all transportation.

When going to and from their medical appointments Medicaid recipients will be entitled to:

  • A safe ride in a vehicle that is safe, clean, non-smoking and well maintained.  The vehicle must also be appropriately heated and air conditioned.
  • The driver being on time, courteous and clean.
  • Most importantly, being treated with respect.

If this level of service is not met, please contact us by either emailing or calling the appropriate county number

All comments and concerns will be documented and addressed accordingly.

If you suspect fraud during your trip, please let us know via this form.


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