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Transportation Vendor Frequently Asked Questions


 Q:           How are vendors selected for Medicaid Transportation under MAS?    

A:            MAS assigns trips in the following order based on the medically appropriate transport level:  1) enrollee’s freedom of choice, 2) medical provider’s freedom of choice, and 3) rotation.  Only 3% of all trips assigned by MAS are assigned by rotation.


Q:           How do I increase my ridership for Medicaid transportation?

A:            MAS assigns rides based on enrollee choice, therefore the best way to grow your business is to provide top level service so enrollees request your company when scheduling transportation.



Q:           How do I view my trips on the MAS system?

A:            In order to view trip invoices that are assigned to your company, you can login to the MAS system and select “View/edit Trips”. This function will allow you to search for your trips. If you need additional assistance you can contact your county.



Q:           How do I get access to the MAS system.

A:            If you are a Medicaid transportation vendor and need access to the MAS system, please go to the MAS Login page and "Request a User Account". In addition to requesting an account please contact your County Field Liaison for training.



Q:           Does MAS provide transportation?

A:            No, MAS provides no transportation services.  MAS is contracted with New York State Department of Health to provide Transportation Management services for the New York State Medicaid NEMT program.



Q:           What are the hours of operation for MAS?

A:            For scheduling of routine/prearranged appointment transportation, MAS hours of operation are Monday- Friday 7am -6pm. 

 We are closed on federal holidays (New Years Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, and Christmas Day).

MAS is open 24/7, 365  days a year for all ER discharge and urgent needs.



Q:           Does MAS create the fee schedule?

A:            No, the fee schedule is established by the New York State Department of Health in consultation with your local department of social services.



Q:           How do I request a fee change for the rate schedule?

A:            MAS does not have an influence on fee changes, you are to contact the state and work through the request with NYSDOH.



Q:           What software do I need to operate the MAS system?

A:            The MAS system is web based and does not require any software. The private portion of the MAS site is secure and requires a user name and password.



Q:           Do I calculate my own mileage for trips?

A:            The MAS system calculates the mileage as the shortest distance between point A and point B per Medicaid Policy. If there is a discrepancy of more than 3 miles with the calculated mileage you can utilize the “Correction” function when signing off on the trips. For additional assistance contact your County Field Liaison.




Q:           Does the MAS system track changes and updates to the trip invoices?

A:            Yes, every change and update made in the MAS system is signature stamped and time stamped. If you have questions or concerns about changes and/or any other activity to a trip invoice you can contact the MAS office and request more details from a supervisor.



Q:           Six months ago, I performed a trip and forgot to attest to it.  Is it too late?

A:            Yes.  At this point you should print the trip assignment sheet and send it along with a cover letter, to the New York State Department of Health for a determination.  NYSDOH will accept the information via email (, Fax (518-486-2495) or Postal Mail (Medicaid Transportation Policy Unit, NYSDOH, Office of Health Insurance Programs, Bureau of Administration & Transportation Policy, Division of Financial Planning and Policy, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza, OCP-720, Albany, NY, 12237).



Q:           How can I schedule an onsite visit with MAS?

A:            MAS will come to your place of business to train your staff how to use our system.  To schedule a site visit, please contact your County Field Liaison.



Q:           My claim came back rejected, is MAS able to assist me?

A:            MAS cannot see your claim and therefore can provide little or no assistance.  Please contact Computer Sciences Corporation at (800) 343-9000 to discuss your rejected claim.  If necessary, Computer Sciences Corporation staff will involve MAS is correcting the prior authorization associated with the rejected claim.



Q:           My competitor.. ABC Taxi (example), provides substandard service.  What are you going to do about this?

A:            MAS cannot disenroll a provider from the Medicaid program.  If you have a complaint about services provided by a participating provider, please send an email to the New York State Department of Health at