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Queens NY Contacts

Queens, NY Contacts

Name Position Email Direct 
Jazmin Martinez Regional Medicaid Administrator 315-701-7487
Myesha Britt
Assistant Medicaid Administrator 315-299-2711
Justyn Linney Assistant Medicaid Administrator 315-701-7479
Ralithia Dennis Assistant Medicaid Administrator 315-701-7489
Carrie Besaw Field Liaison 315-484-6732
Keone Vance Field Liaison 315-729-1836
Notchaca Cosby Director of Medicaid 315-299-2792
Sierra Floyd Assistant Director of Medicaid 315-299-2783
Terri Collins Director of Operations 315-299-2799
Ricky Rodriguez General Manager NYC 315-414-8560
Monique Robinson Director of Field Liaisons NYC 315-414-8761
Sofiya Samekhova, RN Asst. Director of Compliance 315-729-1516
Vincent Mavente Acting Chief Compliance Officer 315-299-2796
Russ Maxwell President 716-983-3726